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What is eyeOS?

eyeOS is the Cloud Computing Operating System. Work online -personally or collaboratively- with your files, office, calendar, contacts and much more. Your data is safe and always available –eyeOS is Free Software!

Why is eyeOS Free Software?

The idea of eyeOS is to create a free, open source (AGPLv3) product easy to install on a web server so you will have your own cloud system under your control. You can also participate in a great community of users and developers, able to create your own apps. Welcome to the eyeOS project.

And what if I just want to use eyeOS now?

If you do not want to install eyeOS in your own server, you can create an account in our free public server and start using eyeOS right now. Just go to and discover the power of eyeOS.


This tutorial is the first series from Joomla Tutorial Series I have plan to write. This joomla tutorial translate are slightly different from the bahasa  Indonesia, because my English not good at all.

The joomla we use here is new joomla stable version, version 1.5.x. The litle x mean the minor release of current joomla. Today, when I write this tutorial, the minor release is Joomla 1.5.2.

What is Joomla?

As far as I know:

Joomla! is a free open source framework and content publishing system designed for quickly creating highly interactive multi-language Web sites, online communities, media portals, blogs and eCommerce applications.

Joomla! provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface that simplifies the management and publishing of large volumes of content including HTML, documents, and rich media. Joomla! is used by organisations of all sizes for Public Web sites, Intranets, and Extranets and is supported by a community of thousands of users.

So, joomla is smart cms we use for everything, its up to you what you use joomla for.Although joomla is multi-purpose content publishing system for websites, joomla is not suitable enough to be comfortable blog engine. In this case, I prefer wordpress than joomla.

Joomla Pre-Installation

Before we use joomla, we need to install it first. Before installation we will need:

  1. Apache Web Server. Better if we have rewrite module for SEO, and others to improve joomla power.
  2. MySQL Database. MySQL is optimized database for joomla. You can use another databases, but we need extra work and setup for it. MySQl is the best.
  3. A copy of Joomla installer. Go get it here, if you dont ready have one.

If you have buy a commercial webserver, you can use fantastico tool through your cpanel, instead do manual install as we discuss here. If you do, then this tutorial dont give advantage too much for you.

The next, open your browser, my favorite is Firefox. Open your phpmyadmin page. if you use LAMPP like me, open it here: http://localhost/phpmyadmin/.Crete a new database by type it new name. For example, I use ltguide as new database name.



Installing Joomla

I have installing joomla in my local webserver. I extract the joomla installer in directory. After extracting, please open your browser and go to http://localhost/ or wherever you extracting joomla before.

2466458332_ba18bf911fThe first step is to choose installation language to use. Please choose the suit language from the list.


Second step is to check your web server requirements that meet joomla. If you see the green color words written, that mean you pass for the requirements. Otherwise, red color mean the requirements must be corrected before we go to next step. For example, if your register globals on your php requirement is red (on), open your php.ini configuration file and toggle it to off.

Third step is to accept the joomla aggrement and license. If you dont agree, please close your browser and dont install joomla.

2466459136_e8ab935f2fFourth step is configure the database. Joomla will ask for database server address, username and password to use. In local webserver, I think its not difficult. The problems will appear if you enter unassigned or different username for database. So, make sure the database and the username, also password is match and assigned.

2465632835_ce4e64ec5dFifth step is configure ftp layer. This joomla feature important for maintain file and folder. You need it to let joomla configure the right permission for better security issues. If you want to do it manually, dont enable it and let it empty. Before go to next step, may you want to test the FTP connection setting, push the “Verify FTP Settings” button.

2465632997_81dac39b63Sixth step is configuring you website. Enter your website name, password and email addres to use and then if you are new to joomla, may you need to installing the sample data. The default sample data contain some informations and mini howto from joomla developer.

2465630385_1d0d7bb35aFinish!, congratulation! Now you have a fresh joomla powered website.


If you want to access your administration panel, you can acces it on http://localhost/instalasi_joomla/administrator.


After installation, is a good practice to change the configuration.php file permission in your root directory and to delete the installation folder.

Source : Joomla Tutorial Series: How to Install Joomla 1.5


If you surf Facebook on daily basis or occasionally, chances are you’re already familiar with regular stuffs like add/delete friends, update statuses, walls and profile, add and explore pages & applications, etc, but there’s more..

This week we want to cover some interesting things you can do on (or with) Facebook; inclusive of tricks that are not documented or unknown to many, as well as tips to stay connected better with your friends.If you have interesting tips/tricks related to Facebook, please feel free to share in the comment box below.

1. How to Download Facebook Photo Albums

FacePAD: Facebook Photo Album Downloader allows you to download your friends’ facebook albums, Events albums, and Group Albums, en masse, with the click of a button.


2. How to Share Flickr Photos to Facebook

Flickr2Facebook is an unofficial Flickr to Facebook uploader(bookmarklet) which allows you upload photos to Facebook from Flickr.


3. How to Update Facebook without Using Facebook

hellotxt and both introduced features that let Facebook administrators update Facebook Pages.hellotxt

4.How to “Friend” Someone on Facebook & Hide It From Your Status Updates

A short tutorial on Makeuseof to guide you how to hide Facebook status updates and keep that fact confined to your closer friends.


5. How to Display Selected Pictures Only on your Facebook Profile Page

A little-known feature in Facebook that lets you decide who shows up in that Friends box. Click that “edit” pencil in your Friends box and type the names of your best friends in the box that says “Always show these friends


6. How to Remove Facebook Advertisements

This Greasemonkey script – Facebook: Cleaner removes many of the annoying ads and updates that unavoidably appear on your Facebook pages.


7. How to Post Your Blog Posts to Your Facebook Wall Automatically

Wordbook allows you to cross-post your blog posts to your Facebook Wall. Your Facebook “Boxes” tab will show your most recent blog posts.


8. How to Access Facebook Chat on Desktop

Gabtastik and digsby let you keep Facebook chat sessions open on your Windows desktop outside of your regular web browser, using minimal screen real estate and system memory.


9. How to Create Quiz on Facebook Easily

LOLapps provides quiz creator that can be employed to conjure up these popular personality quizzes that are so widespread in Facebook.


10. How to Hide Your Online Status on Facebook Chat from Select Contacts

Facebook has integrated friends list with Chat and you can also choose which of these list members get to see you online.


11. How to Update Facebook Status from Firefox

FireStatus is a status update utility for multiple social networks, including FaceBook.


11. How to Get Facebook on Your Desktop

Seesmic Desktop, Facebooker, Xobni, Facebook Sidebar Gadget, Scrapboy and Facebook AIR application are desktop applications that allows you interact with your stream just as you would on Facebook, but without the browser.


12. How to Delete, Cancel and Terminate Facebook Account and Profile

A simple guide to terminate, delete or cancel Facebook account, together with the Facebook profile easily.



The first thing you need to do is download phpBB from It is always best to download from an official source so you know the file you are getting is safe. Be sure to download the full version of the software and not just the updates.


Now that you have download the file, you need to unzip and upload it. It should unzip to a folder called phpBB2, which contains many other files and subfolders.

You now need to connect to your website via FTP, and decide where you want your forum to reside. If you want the forum to be the first thing shown when you go to, then upload the contents of the phpBB2 folder (not the folder itself, just everything inside of it) to when you connect.

If you want your forum to be in a sub folder (for example you must first create the folder (the folder would be called ‘forum’ in our example), and then upload the contents of the phpBB2 folder into the new folder on your server.

Be sure when you upload that you keep the structure intact. This means that all subfolders and files stay within the main or subfolders they currently are. Just select the whole group of files and folders, and transfer them all as-is.

Depending on your internet connection, this may take awhile… there are many files to upload.


Next you need to run the install file. You can do this by pointing your web browser to the install file. It can be found at If you did not put the forum into a subfolder then just go directly to

Here you will be asked a series of questions.

Database Server Hostname : usually leaving this as localhost works, but not always. If not, you can usually find this information from your hosting control panel, but if you don’t see it, contact your hosting company and they can tell you. If you get Critical Error: Could not connect to database – then localhost probably didn’t work.

Your Database Name: This is the name of the MySQL database you wish to store the phpBB information in. This must already exist.

Database Username: Your MySQL database login username

Database Password: Your MySQL database login password

Prefix for tables in database: Unless you are using a single database to hold more than one phpBB, you probably don’t have a reason to change this, so leave it as phpbb_

Admin Email Address: This is usually your e-mail address

Domain Name: – it should pre-fill correctly

Server Port:: This is usually 80 – it should pre-fill correctly

Script path: This changes based upon if you put your forum in a subfolder or not – it should pre-fill correctly

The next three fields: Administrator Username, Administrator Password, and Administrator Password [ Confirm ] are used to setup the first account on the forum, the one you will login to to administer the forum, make posts, etc. These can be anything you want, but be sure you remember the values.

Once you submit this information, if all went well you will be taken to a screen with a button that says “Finish Installation” — Click the button.


Now when you go to you (or, or wherever you choose to install your forum) you will see a message saying “Please ensure both the install/ and contrib/ directories are deleted”. You need to FTP into your site again, and find these folders. Just delete the entire folders, and all of their contents. Your forum should now be functional! To get started using it, login with the username & password that you created when you ran the install file. At the bottom of the page you should see a link that says “Go to Administration Panel”. This will let you preform Admin options such as adding new forums, changing the forum name, etc. Your account also let’s you post just like a normal user.

source :

It’s just an amazing picture that i took from website These sakura trees were planted beside  Biwako Canal (Biwako Sosui). Biwako Canal is a waterway in Japan built during the Meiji Period to transport water, freight, and passengers from Lake Biwa to the nearby City of Kyoto. This waterway was also used as Japan’s first hydroelectric power generator, which served to provide electricity for Kyoto’s trams. And in every spring, when sakura trees are blossom, there is an awesome scenery, combining modern lighting and the beautiful sakura.

15 Minutes after Sunset

Five Minutes Later

Getting Closer


Ten Minutes before the lights on, Overexposed and Dramatic


Lights On!
still a touch of blue in the sky at 7:00pm

Wow !!

7.04 PM

The world is just awesome..

From Modelling fame to IslamSherman Whittenburg is a former model and actor who modelled for magazines such as ‘GQ’ and ‘The Source’ and had acting spots in ‘All My Children’ and TV commercials. A former College basketball player from New York, Whittenburg turned to modelling and acting after sustaining an injury. After enjoying some quick success as a model and actor, Allah opened his heart to Islam. Sherman shares his unique and beautiful journey to Islam with – an inspiring story of hard-times in Brooklyn, New York to almost overnight stardom in modelling/acting to his eventual journey to Islam in which he left behind a world of opportunity and wealth for the simplicity of worshipping the one, sole creator, the religion of Islam.

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